Enid Blyton may strike

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Enid Blyton may strike

27 July 2022 12:00 AM FROM HONKY DORY

Trainer Altamaash Ahmed’s bottom weighted runner Enid Blyton (N. S. Parmar-up) may win  the Gamble For Love Trophy, the feature event at the races, here, on Thursday.

Enid Blyton may strike

Pune:Trainer Altamaash Ahmed’s bottom weighted runner Enid Blyton (N. S. Parmar-up) may win  the Gamble For Love Trophy, the feature event at the races, here, on Thursday.
2pm:Anoushka 1. Caprifla 2. Historic 3.
2.30pm:Son Of A Gun 1. Remus 2. Fortune Teller 3.
3pm:Balenciaga 1. House Of Lords 2. Dufy 3.
3.30pm:Enid Blyton 1. Sultan Suleiman 2. Victorious Sermon 3.
4pm:Baby Bazooka 1. The Awakening 2. Exclusive 3.
4.30pm:Magileto 1. Mystical Rose 2. Dragoness 3.
5pm:Tristar 1. Beemer 2. Northern Singer 3.
Day’s Best:Son Of A Gun Double:Baby Bazooka & Magileto.

Enid Blyton may strike


Wednesday Mysore results

(With RCTC dividends)
1. Star Supreme Plate2,000m:(2-4-3)Sadeek (Saqlain) 1, Tia Maria 2, Athulya 3.Won by: 3-1/4, 1; (2-9.29). Tote:Win Rs 23; Place: 11, 13; Forecast: 66; Shp: 24; Thp: 42; Tanala: 140.
2. Abide Plate1,400m:(2-5-6)Braxton (Janardhan) 1, Meadow Flower 2, Mystic Divine 3. Won by: 1/2, 4-3/4; (1-24.17). Tote:Win Rs 12; Place: 10, 16, 15; Forecast: 22; Shp: 27; Thp: 27; Tanala: 39. 
3. Oxford Blue Plate1,600m:(9-4-5)Vandan (Hindu) 1, Highland Park 2, Miss China 3. Won by:3/4, 2; (1-38.86). Tote:Win Rs 30; Place: 15, 14, 16; Forecast: 80; Shp: 26; Thp: 45; Tanala: 235.
4. Sea Bisquit Plate1,200m:(1-11-3)Amazing Safari (Hasib) 1, D Fire 2, Fassbinder 3. Won by:3, 2-1/2; (1-11.51).Tote:Win Rs 51; Place: 15, 21, 11; Forecast: 321; Shp: 67; Thp: 49; Tanala: 2,097.
5. Tapathi Plate, Div-I1,400m:(2-8-6)Gallery Queen (Angad) 1, Sir Calculus 2, Flamingo Dancer 3. Not run:Civitavecchia (9). Won by:1-1/4, 2; (1-24.3). Tote:Win Rs 53; Place: 15, 20, 18; Forecast: 405; Shp: 49; Thp: 43; Tanala: 1,222.
6. Racing Journalist Trophy1,600m:(9-3-6)Sea Lion (Arshad) 1, Havelock Cruise 2, Gold Field 3. Won by:1/2, 3-1/2; (1-35.17). Tote:Win Rs 13; Place: 10, 18, 61; Forecast: 52; Shp: 69; Thp: 153; Tanala: 515.
7. Diabolical Plate1,200m: (3-12-14)Gold Crest (Hasib) 1, Kingofthejungle 2, Country’s Flash 3.Not run:Biometric (1). Won by:Lnk, 1/2; (1-11.37). Tote: Win Rs 17; Place: 13, 20, 18; Forecast: 179; Shp: 99; Thp: 44; Tanala: 1,418.
8. Tapathi Plate, Div-II1,400m: (3-7-2)Achook (Hindu) 1, Country’s Pace 2, Coorg General 3.Won by:5-1/4, 5; (1-24.69). Tote:Win Rs 24; Place: 11, 14, 47; Forecast: 117; Shp: 28; Thp: 66; Tanala: 763.
Jackpot:Rs 3,119; (C) Rs 284.
Mini jackpot:Rs 594.
Treble:(i) Rs 67; (ii) Rs 1,088; (iii) Rs 128.

Enid Blyton may strike




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