Tomato price hike again: Mother Dairy stores selling at Rs 259 per kg in Delhi

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Delhi news:Tomato prices have again hit the roof in the national capital with Mother Dairy selling the key kitchen staple at a whopping Rs 259 per kg on Wednesday via its Safal retail stores. Tomato prices have been under pressure for more than a month now on account of supply disruptions caused due to heavy rainfall in the key producing regions.

Tomato price hike again: Mother Dairy stores selling at Rs 259 per kg in Delhi

With central government's intervention through sale of tomatoes at a subsidised rate since July 14, retail prices in the national capital had begun softening recently but have again firmed up due to short supply. As per the data maintained by the consumer affairs ministry, retail price of tomato touched Rs 203 per kg on Wednesday, whereas at Mother Dairy's Safal retail outlets, the price was ruling at Rs 259 per kg.

Tomato price hike again: Mother Dairy stores selling at Rs 259 per kg in Delhi

“Tomato supply has been affected across the country for last two months owing to weather abnormalities. In the last two days, arrivals in Azadpur, which is the main feeder for Delhi, has also dropped drastically. Due to short supply, prices have sharply shot up in wholesale, resulting in impact at retail prices too," a Mother Dairy spokesperson said.

Tomato price hike again: Mother Dairy stores selling at Rs 259 per kg in Delhi

Wholesale prices of tomato at Azadpur mandi in Delhi, Asia's largest wholesale fruits and vegetables market, were on Wednesday ruling at Rs 170-220 per kg, depending on the quality. According to Azadpur Tomato Association President Ashok Kaushik, "In the last three days, the arrival of tomatoes has reduced as the crop has been damaged in the growing regions because of heavy rainfall."

Azadpur mandi saw arrival of only 15 per cent tomatoes on Wednesday as only six small trucks could get the supplies from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, he said, adding this has led to firming up of prices. Kaushik however said the supply situation is expected to improve in the next ten days.

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