What is facekini, bizarre skincare trend gaining popularity in China due to heat?

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Amid a record-breaking heatwave in China, there is a surging demand for Facekinis or full face masks, featuring holes for the eyes and nose. According to The Guardian, sales of these lightweight, synthetic fabric masks, such as polyester, have reached unprecedented levels this summer. People are opting to wear Facekinis to shield themselves from sunburns and reduce the risk of skin cancer caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

What is facekini, bizarre skincare trend gaining popularity in China due to heat?

With temperatures soaring above 35°C in certain regions of China, both residents and tourists are taking measures to protect themselves from the scorching heat. They are carrying portable fans and using various coverings to avoid heatstroke. Some hats even come equipped with built-in fans to offer additional cooling.

What is facekini, bizarre skincare trend gaining popularity in China due to heat?

A salesperson, known by her surname Wang, reported that this year's sales of Facekinis have significantly surpassed previous years, indicating the growing awareness and importance of sun protection in the country.

What is facekini, bizarre skincare trend gaining popularity in China due to heat?

Many female consumers in East Asia, influenced by a preference for fair skin, are particularly concerned about protecting their skin from the sun's harmful effects. This trend extends to neighboring countries like South Korea, where sun protection products are also highly sought after.

A 17-year-old student named Li Xuyan expressed her concern about potential skin diseases and sunspots, which has led her and her mother to don masks that cover most of their faces while visiting tourist areas in Beijing.

The severity of the heatwave has been widely documented, with Chinese state television showing tourists taking selfies next to a 12-meter-tall thermometer displaying a real-time surface temperature of 80°C at the scenic Flaming Mountains in Xinjiang.

The Facekinis and other sun protection measures have become essential commodities for people in China during this extreme heatwave, as they prioritize their health and skin protection against the scorching sun.

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