Flight Deals: Get cheapest flight tickets from India to abroad

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Are you one of those who have big plans to visit your favourite destination but never go ahead with it because of the expensive flight tickets? Don't worry now, as we are here to help you in finding the cheapest flight tickets to make your travel convenient and more budget friendly. Booking flight tickets for travelling outside India with prices meeting your expectations is difficult to find. Your dream to travel abroad is mostly put on hold after seeing the jacked up prices of flight tickets. But now whether you’re travelling solo or with friends and family, we have got it covered for you by finding these amazing cheap flight tickets from Skyscanner.

Flight Deals: Get cheapest flight tickets from India to abroad

So travellers what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags soon with zero worries about the price as we bring you the cheapest flight ticket deals for travelling your favourite destination.

Flight Deals: Get cheapest flight tickets from India to abroad

Bangkok flight tickets starting from Rs 11,000

Flight Deals: Get cheapest flight tickets from India to abroad

Now get ready to experience the world famous massages in Bangkok’s spas with just one click away to take off. These are the cheapest flight ticket deals for flying to Bangkok and also check out some amazing hotel deals to make your stay more comfy and delightful.

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Travel to Singapore with flight tickets starting from Rs 14,000

Now explore the garden city of Singapore with cheap flight tickets arriving your way. Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world and is filled with tourist spots for you to visit. Whether you are searching for the best, fastest or cheapest flight tickets , Skyscanner has got it all covered for you and also offers some of the best deals on hotels as well.

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Flights to Kathmandu starting from Rs 13,000

For people who have a small budget on travelling, then Kathmandu is the place for you to explore. Whether it's the transport or accommodation, Kathmandu is here to provide them at reasonable prices. Also if you’re a foodie, this place has got some delicious local street food at cheap rates. So get into the airplane soon by checking out the cheapest flight ticket deals flying to Kathmandu. At the same, here are some recommended Kathmandu hotels for a comfy stay throughout your travel.

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Dubai welcomes you with flight tickets starting from 18,000

Well, get ready to explore the ultramodern architecture of Dubai and its cheapest flight tickets with just one click to take off. Whether it's the ultra large skyscrapers or the sky touching Burj Khalifa, Skyscanner is here to make your travel less expensive and more thrilling. So, don’t wait anymore and check out the best and cheapest flight ticket deals flying to Dubai and the recommended hotel deals as well.

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