The best pregnancy pillows to get when you’re expecting

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So, you’re expecting? Firstly congratulations! Being pregnant is an exciting time in our lives for most families, soon enough, you’ll have mini-yous trotting around your home that you brought into the world. 

The best pregnancy pillows to get when you’re expecting

The minute you get a positive result from your pregnancy test is when the work officially begins as you get your family and home ready for a newborn for your child, whether you’ve started thinking about names, what school they’ll attend, or even the pram and car seat they’ll be transported in. But it’s important to remember to prep for yourself, too, because as you get further into term, things are only going to get more uncomfortable and difficult to manage. 

The best pregnancy pillows to get when you’re expecting

Having a ‘doomsday’ bag lingering about in the car or by the front door is a good way to prepare yourself for the long-awaited day your water breaks. But before that day, there is one thing considered the godsend and lifesaver item you can’t forget about: a pregnancy pillow.

The best pregnancy pillows to get when you’re expecting

Once your baby has developed more in the womb, they become more active by rolling over, kicking, and moving around, these are the times you’ll feel most uncomfortable. Finding the right position as you sleep is what separates you from a good night’s rest and a sleepless night. And when this happens, there’s only one thing that can help you here, and that’s introducing the pregnancy pillow into your bed. While your significant other may not be too fond of the idea of a pillow replacing him to cuddle with at night and take up room in the bed, he’ll be thankful in the long term. 
What’s the difference between a pregnancy pillow and a normal pillow?
Pregnancy pillows are pillows which are much larger than traditional pillows and are used in a different way. Instead of solely resting your head on one, you tend to cuddle into it or use it to prop up a leg to hold a more comfortable position. They’re much more versatile and are longer in length as well as more plump.
The different shapes of pregnancy pillows
The most common type of pregnancy pillow is a G shape, which comforts you from all sides with your head resting on the top, leg over the side, and a back rest for a spooning-like feeling. There are also flat I-shaped ones which can be moved around and held into position. If you just need to prop up your back, you can use a C-shaped pillow which elevates your chest, or it can be wedged between your knees. 
The best pregnancy pillows

WILD MINT J Shape Polyester Fibre Solid Pregnancy Pillow
₹1,299, was ₹3,369 61% off

⦁ Filling Material: Polyester Fibre

⦁ Size: 86.36 cm x 147.32 cm⦁ Colour: Wine⦁ Material: Velvet

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DCM g shape Microfibre Solid Pregnancy Pillow
₹1,049, was ₹3,999 73% off

⦁ Filling Material: Cotton⦁ Size: 132 cm x 76 cm⦁ Colour: Grey⦁ Material: Velvet 

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The White Willow White C-Shaped Maternity Pillow
₹1029, was ₹2999 66% Off

⦁ Filling Material: Memory foam ⦁ Size: 38.1 cm x 33.02 cm  ⦁ Colour: White ⦁ Material: VFoam  

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DCM g shape Microfibre Solid Pregnancy Pillow
₹850, was ₹4,599 81% off

⦁ Filling Material: Microfibre ⦁ Size: 138.6 cm x 76.8 cm ⦁ Colour: Dark blue ⦁ Material: Velvet  

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Cuddle Pillow
₹1,691, was ₹1,989 (15% off)

  ⦁ Filling Material: Virgin Microfiber Fill ⦁ Size: 138.6 cm x 76.8 cm ⦁ Colour: White with yellow border ⦁ Material: Luxe Modal Fabric  

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