Janhvi Kapoor performs her favourite pilates exercise for strong glutes, know its benefits

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Recently, Janhvi Kapoor's fitness instructor Namrata Purohit took to Insatagram to share some of the favourite glute exercises of Janhvi Kapoor's in her latest post. 

Janhvi Kapoor performs her favourite pilates exercise for strong glutes, know its benefits

Janvhvi Kapoor's at-home glute woukout routine includes hip lifts, kickbacks, donkey kicks, single leg hip lifts, and side kick kneeling-single leg back.

Janhvi Kapoor performs her favourite pilates exercise for strong glutes, know its benefits

In the caption, Namrata wrote, “Sharing some of Janhvi Kapoor's favourite glutes exercises to do when she cannot make it to the studio. These are great to do at home or when you’re travelling, they really fire up the glutes do atleast 15-20 Reps of each and 2-4 sets depending on how you’re adding it to your workout.. add the props, like dumbbells and resistance bands, when you’re ready to up it.”

Janhvi Kapoor performs her favourite pilates exercise for strong glutes, know its benefits


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Here's why glute exercises are important, know its benefits

Glute exercises, which focus on strengthening and engaging the muscles of the gluteal region (the buttocks), are important for various reasons and offer several benefits for overall health and fitness. Here are some of the key reasons why glute exercises are important and their associated benefits:

Injury Prevention:Weak glute muscles can result in muscle imbalances and an increased risk of injury, particularly in the lower body. Strengthening the glutes can help prevent common injuries such as hamstring strains, knee pain, and lower back issues.

Better Functional Movement: Glute exercises focus on functional movements that mimic daily activities, such as standing up from a seated position or climbing stairs. By improving these movements, you can enhance your overall functionality and quality of life.

Increased Metabolic Rate:Larger muscle groups, like the glutes, require more energy to function, even at rest. By developing strong glutes, you can boost your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.

Toned and Shapely Buttocks: For many people, aesthetic benefits are a motivating factor in incorporating glute exercises into their workout routine. Regular glute workouts can help shape and tone the buttocks, leading to a firmer and more sculpted appearance.

Lower Back Pain Relief:Strong glutes support the lower back and help alleviate stress on the lumbar spine. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who experience lower back pain due to weak or underactive glutes.

Bone Health: Weight-bearing exercises like squats and lunges, which are common in glute workouts, can contribute to improved bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Better Balance and Stability:The glute muscles, along with other core muscles, are crucial for maintaining balance and stability. Strengthening them can help reduce the risk of falls, especially in older adults.

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