Malaika Arora wears bodycon dress worth Rs 99,000 at Arjun Kapoor's birthday bash

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Actor Arjun Kapoor recently celebrated his birthday on June 26 in the company of his girlfriend, Malaika Arora, sisters Khushi Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor, and close friends. The event was an intimate affair, and pictures and videos from the celebration were widely shared on social media by fans and paparazzi pages. Malaika's stunning outfit from the occasion caught everyone's attention, and if you're interested in recreating her look, we have some exciting news for you.

Malaika Arora wears bodycon dress worth Rs 99,000 at Arjun Kapoor's birthday bash

Malaika Arora's eye-catching dress is from the renowned Spanish luxury fashion house, Loewe. Specifically, she wore the Anthurium Tank Dress in Ribbed Cotton Jersey, which is part of the brand's Spring/Summer 2023 collection inspired by the Anthurium flower—a heart-shaped blossom that blooms throughout the year. This exquisite piece can be added to your wardrobe for a price of ₹99,000.

Malaika Arora wears bodycon dress worth Rs 99,000 at Arjun Kapoor's birthday bash

The Loewe dress worn by Malaika is sleeveless and comes in a pristine white shade adorned with beautiful red Anthurium flowers digitally printed on the front. The long tank dress features a round neckline, ribbed design, and a slim fit that accentuates her enviable frame. It also includes a side thigh-high slit and a maxi-length hemline, adding an elegant touch to the overall look.

Malaika Arora wears bodycon dress worth Rs 99,000 at Arjun Kapoor's birthday bash

To complement the dress, Malaika paired it with black high-heeled boots that feature a peep-toe design. She accessorized with a black clutch, sleek bracelets, a gold watch, and a matching chainlink choker necklace. For her hair and makeup, she opted for a centre-parted messy bun, a nude lip shade, glowing blushed skin, feathered brows, and mascara to enhance her lashes.

If you're captivated by Malaika Arora's stylish ensemble, you now know where to find the exact outfit to elevate your own wardrobe.

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