Fond of eating before bed? Research reveals late

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Health Tips:The timing of meals plays a crucial role in maximizing their benefits. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of eating and drinking at specific times to promote good health. Surprisingly, there is a particular time of day when consuming food not only increases the risk of obesity but also raises the chances of developing cancer—a fact acknowledged by science.

Fond of eating before bed? Research reveals late

Research conducted by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health reveals a significant link between eating habits and cancer risk. The study indicates that individuals who eat dinner after 9 PM and fail to maintain a two-hour gap before going to bed have a 25 percent higher risk of developing cancer compared to others.

Fond of eating before bed? Research reveals late

The human body operates on a biological clock known as the circadian rhythm, which aligns with the 24-hour day cycle. This internal clock determines the time for sleeping and waking. After 9 PM, the circadian clock signals the body to prepare for sleep. Consuming food during this time disrupts the body's rhythm, impacting appetite, sleep quality, and potentially leading to stress-related issues.

Fond of eating before bed? Research reveals late

The research involved over 600 men and 1,200 women with cancer. Surprisingly, many of them had never worked night shifts or had any history of nocturnal activities. However, after interviews and inquiries, it was discovered that they tended to eat dinner merely two to three hours before going to bed. In contrast, those who maintained a longer gap between their last meal and bedtime had a reduced risk of breast and prostate cancer by approximately 20 percent. Conversely, individuals who ate late at night faced a considerably higher risk of developing cancer.

Understanding the impact of meal timing on our health is essential. By adhering to proper mealtime practices and respecting our body's natural rhythm, we can potentially reduce the risk of cancer and maintain overall well-being.

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