Nita Ambani

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Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre is now preparing to bring another Grammy and Tony Award-winning Broadway musical ‘West Side Story’ to India after ‘The Sound of Music.’

Nita Ambani

This contemporary interpretation of William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" will be performed at The Grand Theatre at the Cultural Centre's performing arts venue from August 16 to 27. It will be directed by Broadway legend Lonny Price.

Nita Ambani

“We are delighted to bring yet another iconic Broadway musical 'West Side Story' to India for the very first time. This carries forward our vision of showcasing the best of India to the world and bringing the best of the world to India. At the heart of this theatrical is the emotion of love - a force that transcends boundaries and binds cultures. I thank all the friends of NMACC for their wholehearted support to our Centre, and invite them to join us in this celebration of love through art and music,” Nita Ambani said. 

Nita Ambani

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The plot of "West Side Story" centres on two young lovers named Tony and Maria who are caught up in dramatic events that take place on the streets of 1950s New York. 

“Driven by ancient feuds, electric rhythms, a cinematic period setting and the tragic obstacles of destiny, this is a timeless tale that is bound to enthral,” said the organisers in its description of the theatrical which was originally staged in 1957 in Washington, DC.

Superhit songs including "Maria," "Tonight," "Somewhere," and "America" will be featured in the extravaganza, which is being presented by a group of 34 performers and a live orchestra made up of 20 exceptional musicians.

Ticket prices of NMACC- West Side Story
Tickets for the performance are offered on nmacc.com and bookmyshow.com and start at Rs 1400.



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